Sewage Wastewater Pumps Explosion Proof Submersible Sewage Pump – 4XWC

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  • Impeller: Cast iron, two vane closed design for high efficiency and maximum wear life. Balanced for smooth operation.
  • Bronze Wear Ring: Replaceable to renew the running clearances and efficiencies to original conditions. Leakage diminishes considerably.
  • Casing: Heavy duty cast iron, volute type for maximum efficiency. 4″ ANSI class 125 cast iron flanged. Adaptable to slide rail system mounting.
  • Dual Mechanical Seals: Function independently for maximum motor protection. The failure of one seal does not affect the operation of the second. The upper seal uses carbon rotating and ni-resist stationary face materials. The lower seal uses carbon rotating and ceramic stationary face materials as s
  • Seal Sensor Probe: The pump has a moisture detection probe located in an oil filled seal chamber. If pumpage should leak past the lower seal it indicates to pump control panel a fault has occurred. Requires an Optional Seal Fail or Moisture Detection Circuit in the control panel.
  • Designed for Continuous Operation: Continuous duty submerged condition in water that is 40°C or below. Maximum runtime with pump unsubmerged for 71/2-15 HP is 1 hour and for 20-30 HP is 15 minutes. Motor is suitable for 10 starts per hour.
  • Bearings: Double row angular contact thrust bearing on 250TYS frame and single row deep groove thrust bearing on 210TY frame pumps.
  • Impeller Mounting Screw: 300 series stainless steel with anti-rotational locking patch.
  • Castings: All iron castings are ASTM A48 class 30 grey iron. Optional bronze impeller is ASTM B584 C87500 silicon bronze.

4XWC – Explosion Proof Submersible Sewage Pump



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