Godwin GPP-50HX

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Product Features
  • Carbon ceramic seals to increase durability and shaft/seal protection
  • Cast iron volute and impeller
  • Durable, lightweight steel roll cage to increase protection and maneuvering ability
  • High performance engine with Oil Alert system  
  • Electronic ignition to increase fuel efficiency

Wet-Prime Pressure Pump

Godwin's GPP-50HX is a portable, gasoline-powered pump ideal for marine construction, remote firefighting, landscaping, irrigation, tank cleaning and jetting.

About Wet-Prime Pumps

Godwin's Wet-Prime line of portable, gasoline-powered pumps are available in dewatering, trash, pressure and plastic models. Wet-Prime pumps are capable of maximum heads to 187 ft (57 m) and maximum flows to 425 gpm (95 m³/hr​​​​). 

The pumps feature a durable, yet lightweight steel roll cage for added protection and easy maneuvering. The pumps also include a high performance engine with “Oil Alert” system and electronic ignition to increase fuel efficiency. Wet-Prime Pumps are ideal for applications including construction dewatering, landscaping and irrigation, farming, remote firefighting and marine construction.




HDPE Piping

  • Strong, durable, flexible and lightweight
  • High performance and long life expectancy
  • Weather resistant​
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools