Flygt Flush Valve

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Product Features
  • Automatic sump cleaning
  • Minimizes unscheduled maintenance calls
  • Works without power supply or control system
  • The Flygt 3000 series is ready for flush valve installation


The Flygt flush valve keeps the pump sump clean, minimizing unscheduled maintenance calls.

Each time the pump starts, a powerful water jet prevents build-up of sediments and floating scum layers. After a few seconds the valve closes automatically, and the pump works normally.

The flush valve works without the need for a power supply or control system.

The Flygt 3000 series is ready for flush valve installation. Two flush valve sizes are available:

  • Type 4910, for pumps > 2 kW
  • Type 4901, for pumps 2–100 kW


The Flygt flush valve complements other clean sump technologies from Xylem:

  • Flygt N-pump hydraulics
  • Flygt SmartRun™
  • Flygt TOP sump bottom (pat.)
  • Flygt APF intelligent controller

Wet Pit (P)

Wet Pit (P)

​Semi permanent, submersible pump installation. Wet pit arrangement with the pump installed on twin guide bars with automatic connection to the discharge pipe.​

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