Product Features
  • Light-weight, cost-effective alternative to traditional steel pontoons
  • Used for a wide range of applications in mines, quarries, construction sites, sewage and industrial plants
  • Available for almost all Flygt pump models

Small Pump rafts (Models 25 and 55)

For Flygt pump models in the Ready, 2620-2640 and 2720 series​. 

  • Simple: Strap on the pump, lift in the pump handle
  • Pump top is above the surface, making it good in shallow water
  • Prevents the pump from lying flat on the side
  • Additional strainer for improved clogging resistance
  • Foam filled to prevent sinking

Large Pump raft (Model PFM)

For Flygt pump models in the 2000, 2600, 2800, 2700, 3000 and 5100 series.​
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Stainless steel metal parts
  • Easily mounted to pumps on site
  • Lifting points for easy installation
  • Easy to transport as an integral unit
  • Foam filled to prevent sinking

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