Intrinsically Safe Barrier

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Product Features
  • Approved for use in sewerage pump stations, digesters, mining and most other hazardous installations
  • Makes specified Multitrode products intrinsically safe
  • Compatible with all Multitrode products
  • Easily installed as an after-market upgrade
  • Can be used in installations up to and including Class 1 Zone 0

Flygt's Intrinsically Safe Barrier (MTISB) is certified intrinsically safe for operation in hazardous applications and are approved to be used only with Flygt or Multitrode probes and controllers.

The 5 or 10 channel barrier units eliminate any risk of dangerous energy (flash or spark-inducing energy) entering the explosive environment where the Probe is located. Connection is made from the controller through the barrier to the Probe.


MTISB5 - Five channel barrier will protect up to 5 sensor points in a wet well.

MTISB10 - Ten channel barrier will protect up to 10 sensor points in a wet well.

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

Municipal Water & Wastewater Municipal Wastewater Pumping and Treatment