Service cart and rails, Horizontal dry pump installation

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Product Features
  • Easy service access for horizontally dry-installed pumps, Flygt models 3153–3315 
  • Rails and service cart under each pump
  • The motor and impeller unit is pulled away from the pump housing


Flygt service cart and rails under each pump provide convenient access to the impeller and shaft seal.

  • Easy service access for dry-installed horizontal pumps, Flygt models 3153–3315
  • The motor and impeller are pulled away from the pump housing on the service cart
  • Rails bolted to the floor under each pump
  • Service cart adjustable for all pump versions
  • One cart can be used for several pumps.

The drainage valve in the pump volute simplifies service. The wastewater is drained away before the pump is opened.

Dry Installation (Z)

Dry Installation (Z)

​​Horizontal, permanent, dry pump installation. The submersible pump is installed in a dry pit, with flange connection to suction and discharge piping. ​

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools

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