Dry pump installation, horizontal

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Product Features
  •   Submersible pumps in dry installations are flood proof and leakage free
  •   Motors bigger than 10kW feature built-in cooling and require no external ventilation
  •   Good service access to pump suction side with unique telescopic opening
  •   Flygt Z lifting equipment simplifies service
  •   Optional rails and service cart


Flygt submersible pumps offer operational advantages in pump stations with dry installed pumps:

  • Leakage free operation. There is no external shaft seal that can leak wastewater into the pump room.
  • Flood-proof motor. If the pump room is flooded, the submersible pump keeps on working.
  • Motors bigger than 10kW feature built-in cooling that minimizes the power consumption of ventilation fans. Cooling is independent of the ambient air temperature.

Service is simplified with:

  • The patented telescopic service hatch, allowing good access to the pump suction side (Flygt pumps 3085–3315)
  • Drainage valve in the pump volute (Flygt pumps 3085–3315)
  • Lifting equipment designed for handling of the motor and impeller
  • Service cart and rails for easy access to the drive unit and impeller (Flygt pumps 3153–3315)


Flygt pumps NT 3085–3315 have a stand with the patented telescopic service opening. Options include:

  • Drainage valve
  • Service lifting device
  • Service cart and rails (10–100 kW, pumps  3085–3315)

Large Flygt pumps CT and NT 3231–3800 come with a sturdy steel stand. An optional service lifting device is available for the motor and impeller.

Dry Installation (Z)

Dry Installation (Z)

​​Horizontal, permanent, dry pump installation. The submersible pump is installed in a dry pit, with flange connection to suction and discharge piping. ​

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