Monitoring Systems

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Pump Monitoring

MAS 711 Pump Monitoring System

  • Protection against costly pump damage
  • Web tool for easy handling, overview and analysis
  • Black box incident recording associated with alarms
  • Pump memory...

MiniCAS Pump Sensor Monitor

  • Apt monitoring and reliable operation of Flygt pumps and mixers
  • Avoidance of pump breakages
  • Initiation of maintenance
  • Status indication by LEDs
  • External...

PAN 312

  • Monitoring of the pump's power, voltage and current
  • Monitoring of  electrical supply grid
  • Input for energy optimization
  • Adds fault tracing...

Pump Integrated Memory

Measurement, recording and presentation of:

  • Temperature in junction box (inside PIM)
  • Pump current
  • Pump current variation
  • Running time
  • Number of...