Pump Sensors

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Flygt | Pump Sensors


  • Monitors a pump's status and detects faults
  • Calculates power and energy consumption
  • Determines a pump's on/off status
  • Records running...

Flygt | Leakage Sensors


  • Leakage detectors for pumps and mixers.
  • Water ingress leads to warning or pump stop.  
  • Used in stator housing, junction box, inspection chamber or...

Flygt | Pump Sensors


  • Thermal protection of motors is a standard product feature.
  • Thermal switches in stator windings is standard, thermistors or Pt100 sensors as...

Flygt | Pumps Sensors


  • Protects against harmful vibration
  • Mounted in the pump top
  • Configurable to warn or stop the pump
  • Vibration speed output: 4-20 mA corresponding to...