Hydrostatic & Ultrasonic Level Transmitters LTU601

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Product Features
  • High accuracy ensures reliable level input for pump control
  • Heavy weight makes installations simpler and safer, allows the sensor to enter the media and sink easier and makes the level transmitter less prone to turbulence
  • Large diaphragm protection cap through holes minimizes clogging and reduces the number of service visits required
  • Copper ring as accessory for salt water installations minimizes build-up
  • Printed part information on the body ensures long-term readability


Built to last even in the most demanding environments, the LTU 601 consists of a heavy plastic design combined with a high pull strength PUR cable. Besides making installations simpler and safer, its heavy weight allows the sensor to enter the media and sink easier making it less prone to turbulence.

With the optional copper ring accessory, the sensor can even handle seawater installations, while the printed part information on the sensor’s body ensures long-term readability.

The LTU 601 delivers outstanding reliability thanks to the large membrane protection holes, which minimize clogging and reduce the number of service visits required. Sold for decades and with thousands of installations worldwide, the LTU 601 boasts a long and proven track record. With the high quality expected from Flygt, the sensor fits perfectly with Flygt’s range of products guaranteeing full control of pump stations for years to come.

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