Hydrostatic & Ultrasonic Level Transmitters LSU100

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Product Features
  • Handles extreme temperature liquids and liquids with lots of dirt and mud well since it is mounted above the liquid 
  • Wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for a wide number of installations
  • High accuracy ensures reliable level input for pump control
  • ATEX and FM/CSA approvals for wider fit to project specifications


The Flygt LSU 100 ultrasonic level transmitter is designed to be mounted above a liquid and will measure the distance to the liquid surface. When programmed with details of the vessel, sump or open channel, the LSU 100 will compute level, contents or flow and give a 4-20mA signal proportional to the chosen variable. LSU 100 is a two-wire transmitter that connects to any suitable DC power source using the factory-fitted cable. The Flygt ranges of control units are designed for use with the LSU 100 transmitter in this way. You can mount the LSU 100 transmitter in a hazardous area provided that it is supplied from a protected power supply.



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