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Product Features
  • Increased pump efficiency
  • Energy savings – adjusts pump speed to system demand
  • Improved system reliability – reduces stresses on electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Enhanced process control – matches flow and head to system requirements
  • Greater flexibility – optimizes dimensioning in new and retrofit installations


A standard variable frequency drive can be used in dozens of different applications, but regulating pump speed is not easy. To avoid problems you need to pay special attention to flow and head. That’s why the PumpSmart concept was developed. With its unique proprietary software, PumpSmart is a concept that has been tailored for running wastewater pumps. Using a standard variable frequency drive usually means derating your pumps. But with PumpSmart you can expect all the advantages of speed regulation, plus top pumping efficiency.


PumpSmart offers advanced pump control, protection, and optimization logic designed to prevent failure, improve pump reliability and maximize the flow economy of your pump systems.

This is a highly configurable pump control designed to meet any pump application requirements, offering advanced control algorithms that maximize energy savings and reliability. Advanced pressure control, synchronous multipump control, cavitation control and flow calculation are some of the functions that are available to take on any challenge in pumping applications.



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