Pump Station & Process Controllers

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Control & Diagnostics Software

  • Configure and save settings for the MT2PC, MT3PC, MonitorPro, MT2PC-VFD and MT3PC-VFD
  • Save individual station settings as standard setups for future...

Flygt | FGC

FGC 100

  • Utomhuskapsling i plast 
  • Funktion, pumpa på inställbar tid samt högnivålarm. 
  • Endast för...

Flygt | Pump Station Controllers

FGC 200/300

  • Compact and robust, single or dual pump controller
  • Perfect for small residential areas
  • Modular with display, communication and enclosures as...

Flygt | Pump Station Controllers

FGC 400


  • Powerful pre-programmed functionality
  • Compact format for small control cabinets
  • User-friendly HMI with intuitive user interface
  • Built in energy...


Flygt Commander

Zur Standardlieferung gehören:

  • Stahlblechgehäuse
  • Bedientableau mit Betriebsstunden- und Alarmanzeige
  • Spannungsmesser &...

Flygt | Pump Controller


  • Pump control without level sensors
  • Stops pump from running when it starts sucking air
  • Reduces wear on hydraulic parts
  • Reduces energy consumption



  • Nur eine Messglocke erforderlich für Pumpensteuerung und Hochwasseralarm
  • Komplett voreingestellt für schnelle Montage
  • Pumpenenergiesparfunktion...


MODBUS/DNP3 Protocol Translator


  • Supports MODBUS RTU mode with nine standard commands

  • Digital inputs are configurable to masquerade as analog input saving point counts in SCADA...



  • Electronic Motor Protection
  • Automatic Insulation Resistance Test
  • Flow Calculations and Hours Run
  • Data Logging
  • Overflow Logging
  • RTU

Flygt | Flygt Intelligent Pump Station Managers

MultiSmart Pump Station Management System

  • Simplified waste & sewage water management
  • Easy installation, commission and integration
  • Patented set-point profiles for optimizing your pump...

Flygt | Pump Station Controllers


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Predefined configurations for a large number of applications and users
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Various communications...


Redundant Backup Systems

  • Easy installation

  • A complete system for single pump control

  • No maintenance headaches

Flygt | Pump Station Controllers

SmartRun® Pump Station Controller

  • Increased pumping reliability
  • Patented energy minimizer saves up to 30%
  • Easy to start
  • Pre-programmed and optimized for Flygt N-pumps
  • Pump, sump, and pipe...