MTDPC - Basic Pump Controller

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Product Features

The MTDPC is a compact two-pump and two-alarm controller for both empty (pump down) and fill (pump up) applications, for use with the Flygt or Multitrode Probe.

The MTDPC integrates all basic control functions into one panel....

with set points for two pumps with alternation, a fault input for each pump and an operator interface showing pump status at a glance.

  • Level display, pump and fault status indication
  • Alternation or fixed sequence
  • Adjustable set points via the keypad
  • Adjustable sensitivities for a wide range of liquids
  • Cost-effective and simple to use
  • Pump auto / off / manual selection
  • Level simulator via keypad to test the control panel

The MTDPC renders many components redundant, including selector switches, push buttons, indicator lights, level sensing relays, timers and alternating relays. The resulting control panels are less complex and less expensive.


  • Effluent and stormwater pits
  • Sullage pits
  • Water tanks
  • Car park pits
  • Wash down pits
  • Basement sumps

Note: In some markets, this product was previously known as the MTPC.



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