MT2PC & MT3PC Advanced Pump Controller

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Product Features

The MT2PC & MT3PC Family provides pump control for up to 9 pumps with an operator interface for operating pumps, resetting alarms, pump alternation and station configuration.

MT2PC Family

The MT2PC/MonitorPro Family was the inspiration for the revolutionary MultiSmart Pump Station Manager.

Why have over 12,000 units been installed by water and wastewater authorities?

  • Empty or fill operation each with preset factory defaults
  • Handles up to 9 pumps with alternation or fixed sequence and grouping of pumps
  • Operates with Multitrode's conductive Probe, pressure, ultrasonic or any 4-20mA device
  • Direct input from pump seal and thermal faults - no need for additional fault relays such as mini-CAS
  • Preset municipal functions to reduce odors, increase station efficiency, etc.
  • Easily configurable from the keypad
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

Municipal Water & Wastewater Municipal Wastewater Pumping and Treatment
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