Dri-Prime Impeller Interchange Kit



Product Features
  • Available for the Dri-Prime® CD150S, NC150S, CD100S or NC100S pumps
  • Kit allows for conversion from CD to NC or vice versa.
  • Each kit includes all required parts for conversion as well as detailed instructions
  • Kit provides cost savings over purchasing components individually

Interchangeable impellers make your pumps ingeniously versatile

Interchangeable impellers allow you to change your CD150S into an NC150S and back, offering you 2 pumps for 1.

To help minimize downtime, we recommend maintaining an inventory of key spare parts for your Godwin pump from Xylem. Stocking spare parts can reduce your downtime and keep your operations running.​

Xylem Recommends

Servicing new engines after the first 100 hours of use and again at 250-hour intervals afterwards.

Preventative maintenance and routine service can increase the performance and lifespan of your pump and engine.