Pre-Charged Expansion Tanks for Well Water – Non-Code (WTX)

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Product Features
  • Designed for Well Water and Booster Pump Systems.
  • Minimize Pump Run Times, Extends Life of Pump
  • Polypropylene Liner Provides Corrosion Resistance
  • Butyl/EPDM Diaphragm Resistant to Bacterial Growth
  • FDA Approved Materials
  • Pre-pressurized to Most Common Cut-in Pressures
  • High Maximum Operating Temperature of 200ºF
  • High Maximum Working Pressure of 100 PSIG

The Series WTX tanks will help protect the pump and pressure switches against short cycling. The potable well tank delivers adequate water under pressure between pump cycles to meet the required demand. It will provide economical system operation by minimizing pump starts, extending pump motor life, and saving energy. The WTX tank will also assist the pump in meeting peak demands.

Residential/Commercial Applications



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