Century Custom Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers C400 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

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Product Features
  • TEMA type AET or BET
  • Removable bundle
  • Internal bolted floating head cover
  • Straight tube
  • Highest cost of all shell & tube designs.

Straight Tubes, Internal Bolted Floating head cover, pull through construction, removable tube bundle.

Can meet all TEMA classes as well as ASME Section VIII Div 1 and ASME Section III N stamp for Nuclear. Other codes available.

Fully customizable. Variety of sizes, tube diameters and materials available.

Applications: For heating or cooling chemical or hydrocarbon fluids; condensing air or gases.



Allows for differential thermal expansion.

Shell side can be steam or mechanically cleaned

Tube bundle can be removed from shell for cleaning or repairing without removing the floating head cover.

Can handle volatile or toxic fluids due to lack of packed joints.



Less surface area per given shell diameter than other removable bundle designs.

Gasket leak detection not possible on floating head.