Hydronic Accessories Marine CPK

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Product Features
  • Removable straight tube bundle
  • Packed floating tubesheet
  • Allows for differential thermal expansion
  • Shellside Design Max 150 PSI – 300°F
  • Tubeside Design Max 75 PSI – 300°F

The CPK is the most popular shell and tube design in commercial marine service for water and oil cooling with either fresh or sea water. Unit has a removable bundle design with straight tubes and a packing floating tubesheet with 1 or 2 pass tubeside design options,. 3/8″, 1/2″ 5/8″ or 3/4″ diameter tubes. Shell diameters from 3″ through 31″ OD.

Admiralty, 90/10 or 70/30 Copper-Nickel and Titanium tube options. Rolled Naval Brass, 90/10 or 70/30 Copper-Nickel or Titanium tubesheets available. Carbon Steel Shell and Carbon Steel, Cast Iron or Cast Bronze Bonnets or Channels options.

Applications: For cooling oil or water with either fresh water or seawater as a coolant.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools