Leopold Engineered Filter Media

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Product Features
  • Multiple distinct anthracite media sizes with uniformity coefficients below 1.30
  • Less water shipped by weight than other anthracite media
  • NSF-approved, meets or exceeds AWWA standards
  • Made from high-quality anthracite and processed to meet the most demanding physical and chemical specifications
  • Match all media, sand, anthracite, garnet and/or granular activated carbon

Low uniformity coefficients and moisture levels

Whether mono-media deep bed, dual media, or tri-media, Xylem carefully evaluates influent water characteristics and process requirements. Next the right configuration of media, with the effective size and uniformity coefficient to give energy efficient, consistent and long term performance is provided.

Leopold Engineered Filter Media products are processed in a unique, state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to produce anthracite filter media with low uniformity coefficients (UC). 

What truly sets Xylem apart from most of other media processors is moisture reduction prior to screening.  Reducing the moisture in the raw feedstock greatly enhances screening efficiencies, enabling more anthracite to be shipped – and less water – and to produce multiple distinct media sizes all with UCs below 1.30.

Better anthracite gives many benefits matched to other media types

Leopold low-UC anthracite products enable plants to operate longer before backwashing and use less filtered water.  They also extend the life of the filter before the media must be changed out and lead to improvements in turbidity removal. 

Produced from the highest quality anthracite to assure hardness, durability and performance, Leopold Engineered Filter Media is NSF-approved and meets or exceeds AWWA standards for granular filter media. 

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools