Multistage ring section pump Xylem e-MP Multistage Pump

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Product Features
  • Suction Impeller – wider inlet diameter reduces velocity of liquid for reduced friction and increased suction capability.
  • U-turn Channels – salient rounded edges ensure a balanced velocity allocation of liquid to reduce losses and increase hydraulic efficiency.
  • Balancing System – uses the force of pumped liquid to reduce load on mechanical seal and wear on the bearings.
  • Seal Housing – self-cleaning to ensure seal longevity.
  • Sensor Interfaces – connect to intelligent plant monitoring and diagnostic system to measure performance. Compatible with Aquavar® IPC and Hydrovar®.
  • Plain Bearings – elastically supported to resist extreme vibrations and shocks (e-MPA, e-MPR and e-MPV). Made of tungsten carbide.

Performance plus efficiency in a versatile ring section multistage pump

Safe. Strong. Cost-effective. e-MP multistage pumps get the job done in nearly any high-pressure application – with lower lifecycle costs, lower energy usage, long-term dependability and the versatility to handle a wide range of applications. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations and with robust material options and smart design features, e-MP pumps can handle moving a variety of fluids across a wide range of applications including pressure boosting, boiler feed, filtration, fluid transport, dewatering and more. Now assembled in the USA, e-MP multistage pumps are proof Xylem puts industrial-strength thinking to work for the manufacturing, power generation, oil & gas, mining, commercial building, agricultural, water utilities and leisure industries.

Pumpable fluids include: groundwater, potable water, process water, gray/used water, seawater, brackish water, boiler feed water, water condensate, heat transfer fluids, produced water and solvents/oil. If your process is not listed, please contact our experts at

Quick selection

e-MP multistage pumps come in so many sizes, models and materials you can perfectly configure them to your system requirements. And selecting the right model and accessories is simple with our Intellitronic X Selection software. Just select the vertical or horizontal orientation, configure the casings, hydraulics and seals based on your application. We’ll assemble your pump and get it on its way.

Expert support

Since the proper selection and configuration of your pump is critical to long-term efficiency and dependability, contact one of our experts. Our engineers will ensure your pump is optimized for your application.

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  • Highest suction capability (the lowest NPSH)                                    
  • Axial inlet flow
  • Reduced wear due to fewer parts
  • Small horizontal footprint



  • Higher suction nozzle flexibility
  • Reduced wear due to fewer parts
  • Small horizontal footprint



  • Higher possible inlet pressure (up to 580 psi)
  • Double bearings
  • Higher suction nozzle flexibility
  • Optional drive on the suction side
  • Horizontal footprint



  • Compact vertical footprint
  • Four nozzle positions (90°, 180°, 270°, 360°)

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Performance Curves




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