Flygt Dry Installation

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Product Features
  • Flexible
  • Robust
  • Efficient
  • Flood-proof
  • Safe

Safe and smart solutions provide robust and efficient installations

With no two pumping stations having exactly the same requirements, flexible solutions is key to supporting a wide range of installation scenarios. Flygt’s engineering and cutting-edge dry installation assortment have made it simple to achieve the best set-up for optimized pumping applications.

Our safe and smart solutions provide robust and efficient installations which reduce installation time and cost. Furthermore Flygt submersible pumps installed in dry installations offer flood-proof motors that prevent operational downtime. If the pump station is flooded, the pump keeps on working!

Vertical Dry Installation

With Flygt vertical dry installation solution, the installation process is quick and straightforward without time-consuming fitting. The smart design provides flexibility to adapt the stand to fit any installation, which significantly saves time and money.

Quick to Install

With only five parts Flygt vertical dry installation solution is easy and quick to install. Compared to concrete solutions it provides a time reduction of up to 75% on installation.

Robust Structure

The engineered cast-iron design gives the installation the stability needed to prevent vibrations and ensures minimal system wear and noise.

Flexible Design

The unique design with flexibility in height makes it easy to fit to different pipe positions and the possibility to rotate the pump discharge flange in 360 degrees provides the ability to seamlessly match existing suction inlet flange.

Horizontal Dry Installation

With the Flygt horizontal dry installation solution, separating the drive unit is now a fast, easy and safe operation. Time savings of up to 90% on inspection can be achieved since there is no need to disassembly the motor from the pump to access the impeller.

The specially designed service solution with a balanced lifting device ensures safe handling of the motor and impeller and dramatically simplifies service and maintenance.

Safe Handling

The service cart/sled makes it easy to pull back the drive unit and ensures the drive unit remains in perfect alignment with the pump-housing joint. For the high capacity pumps (100-800 kW) the sled is equipped with a hydraulic actuator controlled by a hand pump, to guarantee safe handling.

Easy to Access. Easy to Service

The patented service inlet solutions, telescopic for inlet sizes less than 350 mm (14”) and pivoting for sizes above, provide easy access to the pump suction end, making it easy to access the impeller without having to dismantle the entire pump.

Improved Working Environment

Flygt submersible pumps installed in dry installations offer flood-proof motors ensuring that the pumps will continue working if the pump station is flooded. For the low to medium capacity pumps (2-100kW) there is also a drainage port to make sure the pump housing is empty before any work begins on the pump – a simple innovation that improves the working conditions and makes a big difference to your working day.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools