Bell & Gossett Consolitrol NEMA 4 or 12 UL Control Panels

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Maximum Temperature 140°F (60°C)

Domestic Pump Consolitrol NEMA 4 or 12 UL Control Panels for Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Quadraplex Applications

Domestic® Pump and Hoffman Specialty® Consolitrol® Control Cabinets are available to comply with NEMA and JIC specifications. Panels may be factory mounted and wired or furnished for wall mounting

Description of Optional Panel Components:

  • Magnetic Starters must be used on all 3 phase motors and single phase motors 3 HP and larger
  • Disconnect Switches and Circuit Breakers – Either fuses or a circuit breaker is required ahead of the starters to protect against short circuits. A disconnect switch or circuit breaker also provides a means of shutting off power for service.
  • Selector Switches – “Auto-Off-Hand” selector switches provide a means of shutting off pumps and a means of testing in the “Hand” position. “Off-HandLead-Lag” selector switches may be furnished on duplex units with 2 float switches to provide manual alternation.
  • Electrical Alternator may be furnished on duplex units to provide automatic sequencing of lead pump. Use only when magnetic starters are provided. Use only with 2 float switches.
  • Transformer is required by the National Electrical Code to reduce control voltage when power supply exceeds 250 volts. A transformer is recommended when voltage exceeds 130 volts. Refer to local codes for requirements.
  • Pilot Lights – Pump running pilots are available to indicate pump operation.
  • Audible Alarm – An alarm to indicate low or high water level may be furnished. A separate tank mounted level switch should be provided with an alarm.

Specified Panel Components to be furnished with unit at extra cost.

Standard panels are supplied with NEMA 2 enclosures and are U.L. listed unless otherwise specified.



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