Gain Control of Your Data

Empower your teams to extract real value from smarter water systems

Utilities around the world have been working to improve their operations by making investments in distributed sensor networks and data acquisition systems, ranging from smart pumps, level sensing and flow metering devices, to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The proliferation of sensors, data streams, and applications is as challenging as it is exciting.

Many utilities complain of a “data deluge” that is making it difficult to realize the benefits of their investments. Utility managers are working to unlock the value of their data by focusing on usability, interoperability and application development — moving from “data swamped” to “data smart.”

Taken together, the following approaches enable a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy that can help utilities access the full power of their data for short- and long-term decision making with significant operational, financial and community benefits.

Modern tools include:

  • A flexible cross-enterprise integration layer can make data from multiple purpose-built systems and devices available in a single, secure environment.

  • A modular applications architecture can enable utilities to select and add new software applications à la carte to solve specific problems in their systems while also leveraging the existing investments they have made in technology, thus unlocking the utility’s valuable data and better serving every information consumer, including utility leadership, engineering, operations, regulatory compliance, and external stakeholders.

  • A data security framework ensures that data in transit as well as at rest are encrypted and anonymized where necessary to ensure only systems and personnel authorized to use the data are granted access in a suitable format.

  • A modular integrated presentation interface that is user-friendly and purpose-built for interoperability can help users pull in information from multiple applications from multiple vendors into a single interactive and configurable dashboard that makes it easy for users to draw insights and extract value from the systems they have installed.

Real World Success Stories

Real-Time Pressure Transient Monitoring Helps Prevent Premature Asset Failure

Perplexed by unanticipated leakage within their distribution network, Tuas Power in Singapore utilized transient pressure monitoring to detect harmful transients and reduce pressure surges.

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Digital Twin Technology Saves City $1 Billion in Unnecessary Capital Work Projects

To help satisfy regulators, Grand Rapids, MI utilized a digital twin network model that could verify the infiltration and inflow performance of their newly separated sewer system.

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