Ensure Quality from Source to Tap

Improve drinking water quality while optimizing operating cost

Managing the quality of water from source to tap is a core responsibility of the drinking water operator. Public health and regulatory compliance are of paramount concern, with customer complaints about taste and odor growing in importance and emerging quality issues informing new key performance indicators. Drinking water operators not only need to “keep the tanks full,” they also need to manage complex interactions between hydraulics, chemistry, and energy consumption. Until recently, utilities have not had the tools to proactively manage water quality from source to the end user.

The Power of Decision Intelligence delivers new standards of best practice that create real-time awareness of water quality from source to tap and suggest optimal control mechanisms to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality water to the end user, reducing the risk of compliance violations and customer complaints:

Taken together, the following approaches provide operators with high-powered tools to ensure the energy-efficient delivery of high-quality water to the communities they serve.

Modern tools include:

  • A real-time source-to-tap digital twin, powered by online monitoring of source waters, drinking water treatment plants, and data-driven hydraulic and water quality models

  • Decision support to optimize trade-offs between supply reliability, quality, and energy consumption, with daily operational guidance to meet operators’ objectives

  • Simulation tools to let operators test-drive operational scenarios before they are put into practice

  • System control assessments to ensure that valves are in the right position so that the network is flowing as expected and dead zones are addressed

  • Optimized flushing regimes to support more effective maintenance of water quality while minimizing waste and inconvenience.