Strategies Powered by Decision Intelligence

Harness The Power of Decision Intelligence

For those entrusted with the responsibility of supplying vital water and wastewater services to their communities, it is both the worst and the best of times.

It is the worst of times because water challenges are intensifying, stressing infrastructure that is already badly in need of renewal. Key vital signs for system health, such as leakage, main breaks, and wastewater overflows, reflect a system in need of help. We cannot simply spend our way out of these problems, regardless of how they are financed, new investments in utility infrastructure will further burden struggling ratepayers.

The good news is that advances in digital technologies are enabling better system hygiene, more efficient monitoring and diagnostics, more targeted investments, and a transition to a ‘primary care’ model for system management. These solutions are poised to make this the best of times for utility managers who want to make a lasting difference in the lives of the communities they serve.

We call this new approach Decision Intelligence, as it leverages the power of data to inform better system-level choices today while understanding and considering future outcomes for operations, maintenance and capital planning. These solutions help utilities make progress on the problems that matter most to the communities they serve: water accessibility, environmental sustainability, resilience, and affordability.

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Strategies Powered by Decision Intelligence

Reduce System Losses

Create comprehensive, lasting improvements in non-revenue water

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Proactively Manage Your Assets

Multiply the impact of your capital investments and lower the risks of system failure

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Ensure Quality from Source to Tap

Improve drinking water quality while optimizing operating cost

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Manage the Urban Watershed

Minimize the cost of maintaining sewer compliance, through capital optimization and energy efficiency

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Advance Water Equity

Sustainably align system operation with stakeholder policy objectives

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Gain Control of Your Data

Empower your teams to extract real value from smarter water systems

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