Let’s redefine what’s possible for water.

Your focus is to deliver high-quality water that is safe and affordable while maintaining infrastructure and protecting your network and the communities it serves. Our role at Xylem is to be a pragmatic innovator and partner to help you build the future of water through an expansive portfolio of digital solutions to address your most pressing challenges. See what a difference Xylem Digital Solutions can make.

Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization

Ensure compliance, optimize service and mitigate flooding and overflow events.

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Xylem Treatment System Optimization

Make data-driven, real-time decisions to better manage your treatment plant and reduce risk.

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Xylem Water Loss Management

A connected enterprise strategy ensures water safety, affordability and customer accessibility.

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Xylem Revenue Locator

Optimize revenue and reduce apparent losses by focusing on meter performance.

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Xylem Asset Performance Optimization

Protect your investments by identifying improvements and potential risks.

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