• Innovative BLU-X solution reduces sewer overflows

    Xylem solution helps Buffalo Sewer Authority reduce combined sewer overflows by 450 million gallons.

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  • Plant uses AI to reduce aeration energy use by 26%

    A wastewater treatment plant used an innovative AI solution from Xylem to optimize operations.

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  • Innovative AI pipeline analysis model

    Xylem and Esri partner to enable a water utility to cut pipe replacement costs by $70 million.

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  • Groundbreaking technology for nitrate monitoring

    EXO NitraLED’s state-of-the-art LED technology requires 98% less power than traditional systems.

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  • Women shaping next-generation water solutions

    A spotlight on some of the women on our team using digital technologies to reshape water management.

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  • City reduces non-revenue water by 50 percent

    A smart utility network from Xylem’s Sensus brand helped Walla Walla save 650 million gallons.

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  • Borehole pump solution for Italy

    Italian water agency cuts energy use by 30% with Lowara pumps.

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Sandra Postel is awarded the Stockholm Water Prize 2021 for her long and outstanding work to make sense of complex water-related issues. As an author and...

On World Water Day 2021, Xylem celebrates the value of water and the amazing water operators and other users of water whom we partner with every day to protect...

New NitraLED solution requires 98% less power than traditional systems Nitrate pollution in water can have far-reaching negative impacts on public health, the...

Xylem is focused on advancing diversity, equity and inclusion . Bringing together different voices with different perspectives is key to fueling innovation, as...

Aging infrastructure was causing the city of Walla Walla to lose 30 percent of its drinking water every year. However, a smart utility network from Xylem’s...

A major water resources agency in the Calabria region of Italy recently set out to expand and modernize its drinking water supply network. The agency, Società...