Webinar: How a pipeline Health Check saved one utility $160,000 a year

Webinar: How a pipeline Health Check saved one utility $160,000 a year

This three-part webinar series presents different approaches to the assessment of critical mains. These approaches range from a low effort Health Check to a comprehensive Engineering Assessment. Part 1, Health Check, is available now as an on-demand webinar.

Metallic transmission mains are highly critical to a water system, however, because they fail less dramatically than concrete pipes and less frequently than distribution mains, they are often not the focus of asset management programs.

Utilities can understand the condition of these pipes through assessment programs that focus on a pipeline of concern or as part of a comprehensive program. The approach to assessing a main can vary depending on risk, failure modes and the context of the pipeline.

Webinar part 1: Health Check

The first step in understanding the condition of your water main is performing a Health Check to non-intrusively gather and analyze readily available data to get a better understanding of the pipeline, and identify any red flags that may warrant additional action.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to take the first steps of condition assessment without putting tools in your pipe
  • How you can collect data that matters
  • About methods that immediately reduce the consequence of failure
  • How to identify weak points in the pipeline using non-intrusive methods
  • How one utility saved $160,000 a year using this approach.

Watch part 1 of this webinar series

by Chad Henderson