• Ozonation improves town’s drinking water

    Two Xylem Wedeco ozone generator systems significantly improved the quality of the water.

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  • Nitrate monitoring in the field

    Our new approach helps researchers more easily monitor nitrates in watersheds.

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  • The People of Xylem

    Meet three people at Xylem helping to solve water challenges and create a more sustainable future.

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  • Xylem Innovation Labs

    Partnering with innovators across the world to solve water

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  • Investing in our Earth

    Earth Day 2022 – 4 ways Xylem and our partners are working to solve water

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  • 2022 water events, conferences and exhibitions

    Stop by a Xylem booth to find out more about our products and services.

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  • Women of Xylem solving water

    Spotlighting women at Xylem who are breaking barriers and helping to solve water.

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All Posts in Municipal Water & Wastewater

Xylem’s Edge Control set to cut energy use by 25%

New smart wastewater treatment solution unlocks cost efficiencies for wastewater utilities. Global water utilities account for approximately 2% of global...

Xylem marks production of 5 million Flygt pumps

The five millionth Flygt pump has rolled off the production line at Xylem’s state-of-the-art Emmaboda manufacturing facility in Sweden, continuing Flygt’s...

After winter storm Texas city pinpoints where to shut off water with smart utility network

Xylem’s Sensus technology enabled Jacksonville, Texas, to shut off water remotely and strategically – preventing flood damage and saving millions of gallons of...

The difference that toilets and sanitation can make

Why is the theme of World Toilet Day 2021 about valuing toilets? It’s because toilets and sanitation systems are today underfunded and neglected in many parts...

Spotlight On Hydroinformatics: The Lesser-Known Force Shaping The Future Of Water

In the second part of our Spotlight On Hydroinformatics series, Xylem Making Waves meets some more of Xylem’s hydroinformatics engineers who share insights on...