• Partnering to Solve Water in India

    Nitin Bhate, Managing Director, Xylem India, on partnering to transform India’s water infrastructure.

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  • Solving Water in Crisis-Affected Communities

    A Q&A with Mercy Corps Indonesia and Xylem Watermark

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  • Celebrating Water Heroes Tackling Water Challenges

    Q&A with Randolf Waters, Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Branding at Xyelm

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  • People of Xylem

    Meet Tanja Hedberg, Manager of Electrical Motors R&D and Chief Engineer at Xylem.

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  • Xylem and Goldman Sachs Advance Green Finance

    Sandy Rowland, Xylem’s Chief Financial Officer, shares her perspective on this initiative and Xylem’s broader green finance agenda

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  • Water Utilities moving toward a zero-carbon future

    Xylem recently called on water sector leaders and organizations to join the “Race to Zero” global sustainability push.

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  • The growing problem of wastewater in oceans

    Researchers at World Water Week 2021 discuss the link between ocean health and wastewater.

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All Posts in One Minute in Water

Driving Asset Performance Management Through the Power of Digital Solutions

“We partner with our customers to combine real-time sensing and condition data with advanced analytics that helps them maximize the 'risk-return on investment'...

Solving Water through Business Model Innovation

“When we think about solving customer challenges, we need to think about what our solutions can do, and how utilities can implement them in an affordable way.”...

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Improve Water Quality

“Understanding the quality of water in the environment is critical to water equity and sustainability, helping ensure communities have access to safe water.”...

Solving Water Through Digital Solutions in China and North Asia

“Digital technologies can create powerful water, energy and cost efficiencies, and make water systems and their communities more resilient and sustainable.”...

Shaping the Future of Industrial Water

“We’re in the business of solving water, and we’re proud to serve our customers by providing innovative technologies to help them solve their water challenges...

Solving Water for Africa Through Supply Chain Innovation

“We are constantly looking for ways to move faster, with more efficiency and agility to create value for our customers and help them meet their water needs.”...