• Man City and Xylem support safe water project

    Youth soccer program in Ghana is making a difference.

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  • Winery upgrades wastewater treatment plant

    The winery cut energy use by 50% with Xylem’s solutions.

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  • Water events and conferences for 2020

    Find a water event near you in 2020, and visit a Xylem booth!

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  • Tackling plastic and poverty in Costa Rica

    Xylem volunteers build a new home for a family that includes a clean water system.

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  • Island resort modernizes wastewater management

    An intelligent pump station manager now sends text messages if there’s a problem.

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  • “Brave Blue World” highlights water innovation

    An inspirational new documentary shows how technologies are changing how we manage water.

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  • 5 ways utilities can improve financial resilience

    Learn how Decision Intelligence can help water utilities do more with less.

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Late 2014 saw manufacturing stabilize for one of Xylem’s newest products, the Saajhi Stepping Pump. Measuring just over a meter high and weighing less than 20...

For the last 10 to 15 years, the wastewater industry has been undergoing a fundamental shift towards variable speed pumping. It’s easy to understand why: the...

When developing HVAC centrifugal pumps, designers have traditionally aimed at a pump’s highest point of efficiency. Given the wide variation in flow and...

When Cyclone Phailin touched down in eastern India over the weekend, thousands of lives were saved thanks to the country’s disaster preparedness initiatives....

Over the last few decades wastewater has become more complex. The material for a wastewater pump, therefore, must be carefully selected based on the...

Pump manufacturers have traditionally believed that pump clogging can be avoided by making the internal pump throughlet equal to or larger than what can be...