• Partnering to Transform Water

    South Bend's Kieran Fahey on teaming with Xylem to shape the future of water

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  • Celebrating Water Heroes Tackling Water Challenges

    Q&A with Randolf Waters, Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Branding at Xyelm

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  • People of Xylem

    Meet Tanja Hedberg, Manager of Electrical Motors R&D and Chief Engineer at Xylem.

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  • Xylem and Goldman Sachs Advance Green Finance

    Sandy Rowland, Xylem’s Chief Financial Officer, shares her perspective on this initiative and Xylem’s broader green finance agenda

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  • Water Utilities moving toward a zero-carbon future

    Xylem recently called on water sector leaders and organizations to join the “Race to Zero” global sustainability push.

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  • The growing problem of wastewater in oceans

    Researchers at World Water Week 2021 discuss the link between ocean health and wastewater.

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  • Cybersecurity Series

    Start Planning Today For Smart Incident Response

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All Posts in Sustainability

Building On Xylem’s Green Finance Evolution

Goldman Sachs, Xylem Launch First ESG-linked Demand Deposit Account As part of Xylem’s commitment to advancing sustainability, we are adopting innovative green...

Tackling plastic and poverty in Costa Rica

In November 2019, Xylem volunteers joined forces with Costa Rica Makes Me Happy (CRMMH) to help combat plastic pollution and to provide a family living in...

5 ways high school students are solving global water challenges

Instead of waiting for others to solve some of the world’s most difficult water challenges, high school students across the globe have been doing their own...

Xylem named again to Fortune’s Change the World list

Fortune has selected Xylem as #23 on its Change the World list of top 50 companies in 2019, marking the second year in a row the company has been included. The...

How to calculate life-cycle costs for pumping systems

When making a major equipment investment, it is easy to focus on short-term gains. However, the real winners tend to be those who invest in equipment that...

Xylem publishes 2016 Sustainability Report: Why We Solve Water

Solving the planet’s water challenges has never been more urgent. Xylem recently published its 2016 Sustainability Report, which outlines its progress in...