• Introducing the Trial Reservoir

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  • Protecting SCADA systems from hackers

    Cybersecurity Series: Human machine interface (HMI) or hacker machine interface?

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  • Solving Water: A Xylem Podcast–Greatest Hits 2021

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  • 9 audiobooks on water

    Get insights on how water shapes civilizations, why humans swim, and how climate change affects everyday people.

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  • Pinpointing water leaks after storm

    Texas city uses smart utility network to shut off water remotely and strategically.

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  • Partnering to Solve Water in India

    Nitin Bhate, Managing Director, Xylem India, on partnering to transform India’s water infrastructure.

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  • Putting Hydroinformatics to Work

    Q&A with Bryant McDonnell, Senior Manager of Hydroinformatics and Process Control at Xylem

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Introducing the Trial Reservoir - an industry-first approach to funding and scaling breakthrough water technologies

Across the water sector, new partnerships are sparking innovation and helping to fast-track solutions to the world’s most urgent water challenges. At Xylem,...

Cybersecurity Series: Human machine interface (HMI) or hacker machine interface?

Water utilities are increasingly focused on building resilience to cybersecurity threats across their networks. The human machine interface (HMI) is one of the...

Solving Water: A Xylem Podcast – Greatest Hits 2021

We’re putting a bow on the third year of Solving Water: A Xylem Podcast, which launched in 2019 and covers timely topics across the global water industry. We...

9 audiobooks on water history, water science and water challenges

Looking for an audiobook to learn more about water and the natural world? Here is our selection of nine audiobooks that will give you new insights into how...

After winter storm Texas city pinpoints where to shut off water with smart utility network

Xylem’s Sensus technology enabled Jacksonville, Texas, to shut off water remotely and strategically – preventing flood damage and saving millions of gallons of...

Partnering to Solve Water in India

Partnership is core to how Xylem operates and to our work to solve water in India. To solve the world’s biggest water challenges, you need partners who share a...