Source Water

Move water from lakes, streams and rivers to mining production facilities for use in processing and cleaning, and assure camp water quality with packaged treatment systems. Xylem’s brands have been providing pumps, controls and service to the mining industries for decades. Our containerized treatment systems provide mobility and easy installation.

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Flygt N-Technology Water & Wastewater Pumps

Proven to be the best and most reliable choice for both dry and submersible applications.

Flygt Vortex Impeller Pumps

Designed to run freely in demanding applications like municipal and industrial wastewater.

Flygt Channel Impeller Pumps

Intended for demanding applications such as municipal sewage and industrial effluent.


Protect pumps from faults, and communicate data to SCADA and control systems.

Pump Station & Process Controllers

Flygt controllers are available for the entire range of pump stations.

Flygt 2000 Series

The Flygt 2000 series pumps are robust, mobile and truly versatile.

Flygt 2600 Series

The Flygt 2600 series are popular dewatering pumps, known for job site dependability.

Flygt 2700 Series

Flygt 2700 series handles corrosive and abrasive liquids with wide variances in pH levels.

Flygt BIBO 2800 Series

The Flygt BIBO 2800 series is designed to protect the hydraulic and seal parts

CD Series

High Volume, Medium-Head, Large Solids-Handling Capabilities

HL Series

High-Head and Jetting Pumps with Solids-Handling Capabilities


Godwin gas powered pumps available in dewatering, trash, pressure and plastic models.

Godwin Heidra Series

Godwin Heidra pumps - reliable hydraulic submersible pumps.

Gravity Media Filtration Systems

Complete systems to meet permit requirements at the lowest possible costs.

At Xylem, we pride ourselves on our response time and reliability. Our proven 24/7 service means we understand the urgency of your projects, whenever and wherever your needs occur.
Losing productivity at your water or wastewater treatment facility is unthinkable. That’s why it is important to be able to act quickly when service is required and provide prompt resolution. Fast access to engineering expertise, spare equipment and...
To meet growing demand and maintain profitability, it is important to manage your water and wastewater assets cost effectively. The age and condition of your equipment has a major impact on plant efficiency, reliability, and productivity. TotalCare...

A premium range of products and solutions for moving and treating water and wastewater.


A broad line of fully automatic self-priming pumps used in dewatering applications.


Filtration and clarification solutions for the water and wastewater industry.