Fly Ash, Slurry and Tailings Removal

Reclaiming slurry tailings in the dewatering process

Slurry tailings are sometimes an ugly by-product of processing…and they are everywhere. Considerable time and effort is spent pumping tailings around, sometimes because they are “just in the way.” However, more and more operators are reprocessing slurry tailings with new technology to recover minerals or metals left behind in the first line of processing. Xylem is here to help.

You generally have two options with processing slurry tailings: Bring the pump to the solids or move the solids to the pump. Xylem not only provides slurry pumps, but we also design the systems and piping, provide power, install the equipment and take care of it for you. We will ensure that you:

It takes a special company to handle fly ash

Typically laced with heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead, moving fly ash is by far one of the worst applications from a pump and wear point of view.

Not just any equipment or pump can meet the demands of the environment. The slurry pump from Xylem features a back-swept vane to accommodate abrasive slurry applications such as fly ash.


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Types of Xylem Pumps

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Mixers & Mixing Equipment
Mixers & Mixing Equipment

Mixers & Mixing Equipment

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