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Combining tough media with seawater

The commercial farming of aquatic organisms such as fish and crustaceans is also known as aquaculture. Disposal of fish deposits and overfeed presents a key challenge in this process. It places tough demands on the pumps, since the media is sometimes thick and contains hard solids.

Aquaculture also involves the circulation of water, a critical component in ensuring that fresh water is available in the entire plant or for aerating the plant for the organisms to live. Circulation can also provide stimulation and exercise for captive fish.

Seawater installations require pumps suitable for seawater duty; otherwise you’ll experience problems with corrosion. Warmer waters present an even tougher environment for your pump. Versatile Xylem pumps offer different materials and protective measures so you can successfully manage these conditions.

Understanding your challenges 

  • Risk of clogging
  • Corrosion in seawater
  • Continuous operations
  • Environmentally friendly product selections

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