Electric or diesel pumps: Which one is best for your sewer bypass project?

For decades, the standard in temporary bypass pumping has been diesel-powered portable pumps, and for good reason: Their flexibility and the ability to set them up anywhere has made them the go-to choice. But with fluctuating fuel and rising servicing costs, as well as growing interest in cleaner, greener sources of power, electric-drive pumps can be a viable alternative for project needs, especially for longer-term projects.

Download our latest white paper, Electric or Diesel: Selection Criteria Should Include Operating Costs for Temporary Bypass Pumping, and learn:

  • Which operating conditions are needed to correctly estimate operating costs for your project
  • How to convert your needs into operating costs
  • How to calculate your operating costs over time

This paper also includes real-life examples of how Xylem helped customers determine which types of pumps to use for their projects to both meet project requirements and realize the greatest savings.

Electric or Diesel Pump White Paper

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