Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers Standard Xchange Plateflow Series

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Product Features
  • More compact and efficient than shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Higher surface area to volume ratios than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Can achieve a temperature cross between the two fluids
  • Able to obtain close temperature approaches of 2°F, or less in some cases
  • Single wall plates between fluids
  • Heat transfer surfaces easily accessible for cleaning and replacement.
  • 450 psig maximum pressure

Plate and Frame heat exchangers use a combination of gasketed chevron-style heat transfer plates sequenced inside a frame. The heat transfer plates have holes at the four corners forming a header that distribute the respective flows to the opposite sides of each plate in a countercurrent flow pattern. The fluids are confined to the heat transfer surface of the plate or the port as appropriate with elastomer gaskets. The high heat transfer rate, due to the chevron plates, and countercurrent flow pattern allow Plateflow to perform with one-third to one-fifth the surface area of a shell and tube heat exchanger.

Max Flow – up to 30,000 GPM with heat transfer areas up to 47,000 Sq. Ft. 1″ to 2.5″ NPT nozzle connections. 2.5″ to 24″ studded flange connections.

All of Standard Xchange’s Plateflow are to ASME Section VIII Division 1 with U stamp. Other codes available upon request.

Materials: 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Titanium, SMO 254, Alloy C276, AL6XN Plates. Gaskets in Nitrile, EPDM or Viton. Other materials available upon request.

Applications: Include but not limited to: heat recovery, equipment heating/cooling, make-up water preheating, chemical processes, central water, stator water, oil, auxiliary water, jacket water, drilling fluid.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools