Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Standard Xchange AirEx Series Bar and Plate - air to oil

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Product Features
  • Uses air for cooling
  • Bar & plate core
  • Aluminum construction
  • Thermally efficient. Up to 65% smaller than fin tube designs
  • Low noise options available
  • Standard designs
  • Lower cost
  • Shorter leadtime – typically 2 weeks

Compact bar and plate design using air for cooling where water is unavailable, costly or undesirable.

Can be up to 65% smaller than Fin Tube designs.

Typically supplied with fan/motor but can be supplied without.

All aluminum cooler core.

Maximum performance with non-louvered fin design that prevents clogging.

Low noise designs available.

Maximum 377 psi & 250°F

Applications: Oil cooling with air, but can be used with other fluids compatible with aluminum.


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools