Looking for a basic shell-and-tube heat exchanger? Or maybe your application requires something more complex, like a sophisticated, precision-engineered unit? Whether you are looking for air coolers, heat transfer coils, compact brazed, shell & tube, gasketed plate units or packaged steam condensers, Standard Xchange has whatever it takes to meet your heat transfer requirements.

Heat Exchangers Hydronic Accessories
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Hydronic Accessories

Marine C-330

When heating water or oil with steam in the tubes, the C-330 Series heat exchanger is ideal. The C-330 Series heat exchanger is a U-tube, removable bundle...
  • Removable U-tube bundle
  • Less costly than floating head or packed floating head tubesheet designs
  • Allows for differential...

Hydronic Accessories

Marine CPK

The CPK is the most popular shell and tube design in commercial marine service for water and oil cooling with either fresh or sea water. Unit has a removable...
  • Removable straight tube bundle
  • Packed floating tubesheet
  • Allows for differential thermal expansion
  • Shellside Design Max...

Hydronic Accessories

Marine HCF

Where lower heat loads are encountered in fresh water and lube oil cooling, the HCF heat exchanger is ideal. The HCF heat exchanger is a fixed tubesheet,...
  • Non-removable straight tube bundle
  • Less costly than removable bundle designs
  • Shellside cannot be mechanically cleaned
  • No...