Smith-Blair 975 Dismantling Joint, Restrained

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Dismantling Joint which with heavy duty joint restraint.

Product Features
  • Meets Applicable AWWA C219 Standards
  • No special tools required
  • Made to order, usually in only a few days
  • A wide variety of types and sizes available
  • Telescopes to adjust to varying dimensions
  • Allows some deflection for misaligned assemblies
  • Product makes it easy to install a flanged product in a new or existing setting
  • Easy to install flanged gaskets with this fitting; no prying apart mated flanges necessary
  • Joints are restrained when tie rods are used to secure the flanged fittings, making other joint restraints unnecessary
  • Ideal to use with flanged fittings like butterfly valves and pumps that require being pulled out of service for maintenance

Smith-Blair Dismantling Joints provide adjustability to equipment installations by combining a Flanged Coupling Adapter and a Flanged Spigot into one assembly. Dismantling Joint applications include valve, pump, meter and other flanged fitting installations.

Application: For valve, pump, meter and other flanged fitting installations.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools