Smith-Blair 663 Tapping Sleeve

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All Stainless Steel tapping sleeve.

Product Features
  • Easy to install
  • Range helps reduce inventory
  • Meets applicable AWWA C223 Standards
  • Molded-in ring in the gasket to ensure effective sealing
  • Nylon washers provided to improve bolt torque capability
  • Heavy gauge, all-Stainless Steel body for rugged performance
  • Fully chemically passivated for maximum corrosion protection
  • ¾" test outlet to allow hydrostatic pressure test before tapping the pipe
  • 360º seal provides maximum support and reinforcement around the pipe in case of pipe break
  • Body drawn out to accept the outlet neck adding to the overall strength of the area under the most stress

Smith-Blair Tapping Sleeves consist of two sections of heavy welded steel that bolt together on the pipe and seal against a concave wedge gasket around the tap opening. The outlet half has a recessed flat-faced flange to mate with standard tapping valves MSS SP 60 up through 12-inch size-on-size. For tap sizes 14-inch and above, flanges can be furnished to accommodate the valve requirements.

Application: For tapping pipes with 4" thru 12" outlets.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



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