Smith-Blair 421 Top Bolt Couplings

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Two bolt, stab fit coupling featuring removable/replaceable inner gaskets to expand range of product and reduce number of SKUs that must be stocked.

Product Features
  • Easy to install — One bolt on each end to tighten
  • Removable inner gasket for larger O.D.s
  • Bi-directional inner gasket can be reinstalled
  • Corrugated armor — reduces friction between gasket and armor, thus allowing better gasket seating; prevents armor from gouging flange finish, thus reducing possible corrosion point
  • Wide range - Up to 1.31 inches
  • Reduces inventory by having wide range
  • Deflection 4° per end
  • Lightweight
  • Stab insertion of pipe ends
  • Corrosion resistant Flexi-Coat® Epoxy Finish
  • Epoxy coated 304 Stainless Steel hardware and fluoropolymer coated nuts to reduce galling
  • Connectors available for additional corrosion protection using anodes
  • Easily disassembled when necessary

Smith-Blair Steel Couplings offer many distinct advantages when installed in a piping system. Properly selected and installed felxible couplings maintain the continuity of the pipe system, retain the line contents under internal pressure and prevent infiltration under vacuum. Our couplings consist of one cylindrical sleeve with conical inner surfaces at each end; two resilient, wedge-shaped, specially-compounded rubber gaskets; two ring-shaped followers and a set of high-strength, low-alloy track-head, oval-neck, rolled-thread bolts with heavy hex nuts.

Application: Joining plain end pipe.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools