Sensus Sonix IQ™ Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Overview Specifications


Unprecedented performance from a sleek, ultrasonic standout

Sonix IQ provides the pinpoint accuracy of ultrasonic measurement for residential gas metering. Designed to meet rigorous standards required for outdoor installations in North America, this solid state meter has no moving parts to replace or wear out over time. It boasts dual-class metrology; the same size meter can cover either 250 CFH or 425 CFH needs. And with an available FlexNet® radio integrated inside the meter housing – the Sonix IQ packs in value within a compact size.

Product Features
  • Dual-class metrology: 250 CFH or 425 CFH
  • 90-day hourly data logs
  • Built-in theft and tamper detection
  • Available pulse output
  • Optional FlexNet capability

Benefits to you

  • Compact footprint to fit anywhere
  • Two-way communications when used with a Sensus FlexNet® communication network
  • Supports third party radios
  • Continuous health checks through safety alerts and alarms
  • Streamlined asset management planning and reduced costs due to solid-state construction, integrated communication module and extended 20-year battery life


For more information about this product, download the data sheet.