Sensus 640C/640MC Water Meter

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Volumetric Water Meter with Composite Body and Electronic Register for Cold Water

The 640C/640MC is a MID approved high-accuracy water meter with a unique piston measuring chamber that detects even the lowest flow rates for a well-proven metrology.

Designed with recyclability in mind and encased in a composite body, the 640C/640MC complies with all new and planned regulations for potable water and will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Its integrated radio functionality enables the meter to quickly and easily communicate with your water network data.

Product Features
  • Integrated radio functionality available in different frequencies
  • Unrivaled accuracy
  • Extensive measuring range
  • Recyclable, light and easy to handle

Benefits to you:

  • Registers the lowest flow rates, thanks to its unique piston measuring chamber
  • Communicates data via its integrated radio functionality (electronic register)
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint
  • Operates quietly


  • Available in DN 15 and 20 and manifold versions
  • Compliant with:
    • MID approval 2004/22/EC
    • EN 14154:2007
    • OIML R49:2006
    • ISO 4064:2014
  • R400
  • MAP 16
  • T 50


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools