Maintenance Plan Subscriptions

HYPACK's Software Maintenance Plan is a cost-effective and comprehensive program that includes unlimited e-mail and telephone technical support, software updates, patches, and many other benefits. Subscribing to our HYPACK Maintenance Plan ensures that your software is kept up-to-date and that you are benefiting from our continuous product development. Our HYPACK Maintenance Plan specifics are available at:   The terms and conditions of the HYPACK End User License Agreement (“EULA”),  are available at

Being part of the HYPACK Software Maintenance Program provides you with:

  • The newest versions of HYPACK software automatically upon release, at no charge. 
  • Access to program updates, patches and technical documentation on our support site. 
  • Prompt, courteous and knowledgeable technical support via telephone, email, or fax.
  • Reduced registration fee to our annual HYPACK Conference.

New Releases & Program Updates

Thanks to great suggestions from our customers, we routinely add improvements to our software. New releases and updates are made available to our Maintenance Plan subscribers on our website. Typically, we release a new version every January. Updates and patches are issued immediately and become available on our website. You can contact our support group via e-mail ( to obtain the password to install the updates. Subscribers to our HYPACK Software Maintenance plan receive all updates and releases at no additional cost.


Under our HYPACK Software Maintenance plan, registered users are notified immediately when updates and new releases are available. The only way to obtain technical support, updates and new releases is to be on the plan. To receive the support notifications, please register in our support site.

Signing Up

First time customers automatically receive twelve months of coverage from the date of purchase. In order to receive this service, first time customer must register their license.

License Registration

After the first year, you will receive a letter and renewal card. You can return the renewal card to HYPACK or contact our sales group at to renew your subscription.


If a company does not renew their participation in the plan but later decides to do so, there will be an upgrade cost for the skipped years in order to return on the plan. This is the policy since they will be receiving all updates and releases developed during the skipped period. If the subscription lapses more than 5 years, your HYPACK license becomes obsolete and subscription is not renewable.  A new license must be purchased.

If you have any questions on our HYPACK Maintenance Plan subscription and benefits, or to check your company’s Maintenance Plan status, please contact us via phone at 860-635-1500 or e-mail


HYPACK revised its HYPACK Maintenance Plans Policy for HYPACK users within Distributors or Reseller territories. This was done to ensure all our users receive technical assistance without regards to the group providing the support.

The policy in effect today allow any client to OPT OUT of support from a Distributor or Resellers, and obtain support from HYPACK or from a technical representative endorsed by HYPACK. HYPACK has always referred all support to the local agent, which facilitates some of support issues that might arise from a language barrier or from a time constraint.  However, at any time during your service contract, the client may select out of the Distributor and Reseller's Maintenance Plan support. HYPACK will inform the agent that support is no longer required from their personnel.

Any client wishing  to pursue support from HYPACK may arrange for the Maintenance Plan subscriptions to be renewed through HYPACK.  Maintenance Plan fees will be billed directly from HYPACK. In addition, at the renewal of any Maintenance Plan contract, support can be provided directly from HYPACK. Keep in mind that once support is contracted through HYPACK the agent is under no obligation to provide any support. HYPACK is located in Connecticut, US, with business hours from 8AM-5PM EST Monday through Friday, which may prevent an immediate response from our office if support is required after hours. However, all e-mails will get answered within 24h, and phone calls during office hours will be directed to our support group.