Goulds Water Technology VIT – Short Set Lineshaft Turbine Pumps

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Multistage lineshaft vertical turbine pumps are ideal for wet pit, open sump, or deep well pumping. Lineshaft vertical turbines are configured such that the hydraulic components are submerged into the pumped fluid while the motor is located above ground, making it easy to access electrical components.

This style of pump offers more material and configuration flexibility than submersible pump and motor combinations for applications with higher temperatures or varying fluid properties. Lineshaft column assemblies can be open or enclosed, depending on the application.

Product Features
  • Hydraulic coverage from 50 -20K GPM
  • High pressure solutions
  • Industry-leading efficiencies across coverage range
  • Options for low-NPSHa conditions and suction lift concerns
  • Application-specific product options and material choices, including option for corrosive/abrasive services
  • Customizable configurations for site-specific needs, such as above/below ground discharge
  • Minimal floor space requirements
  • Vertical Hollow Shaft or Vertical Solid Shaft motor options

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  • Industrial process pumps
  • Seawater and raw water intake
  • Municipal water and wastewater
  • Filter backwash
  • Effluent transfer
  • Storage terminal transport
  • Onshore/offshore fire protection
  • Power generation
  • Water parks
  • Mine dewatering and flood control
  • Industrial cooling tower
  • Snow making
  • Packaged pump stations

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