Goulds Water Technology L Series Submersible Pumps for 6″ and Larger Wells, 3 – 60 HP

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Product Features
  • Improved efficiency translates into lower life cycle costs and reduced energy consumption
  • All stainless steel construction means no water contamination from paint or rust
  • Tungsten carbide support bearings provide excellent radial shaft support
  • Superior sand handling design provides longer life and fewer repairs
  • Modular design is easily and quickly rebuilt when maintenance does become necessary
  • Cast 304 SS Discharge Head and Motor Adapter are more robust than fabricated pump designs and provide strong connection points for piping and the motor.

Goulds Water Technology 50L, 65L, 95L, 120L, 160L, 250L, 320L

6″ Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps 60 Hz for 6″ and larger wells
3-60 HP Range

Designed for Commercial, Municipal and Agricultural Water Needs: Municipal Water Supply, Irrigation, Fire Booster, Golf Turf Irrigation, Mines, Fish Farming.