Industries & Applications

Water management is tough. Aging infrastructure. Dwindling budgets. Tighter regulations. All under the watchful eyes of a community and regulators. Xylem is an experienced partner to help you manage your water resources. Xylem offers Godwin dewatering products and solutions for a wide range of applications and processes, with one common denominator: Keep your operations running with reliable products. Your success is our success.

Construction & Tunneling

You have the expertise to build a hotel, a bridge or a tunnel. Xylem has the expertise and products to keep your work environment dry and safe. Together we make a great team.


Marine environments are harsh. Shutting down is not an option, so the equipment selected must be rugged and proven reliable. Xylem’s portfolio of products paired with process engineering expertise provides solutions that are energy efficient, effective and most of all, reliable.

Mining & Quarrying

From open pit and underground drainage, to face and stage dewatering, to slurry tailings removal to process water supply, Xylem has the right product and application support to help you efficiently and reliably move water.


No matter the size of your municipal water or wastewater project, Xylem has a team and pumps ready for you, including one of the world's largest fleets of rental equipment. With dependable products and services, you can rely on us!

Oil & Gas

Applications for temporary-duty dewatering pumps vary as wildly as the Oil and Gas industry does. Godwin and Flygt dewatering products are up to the task, thanks to the extensive support and engineering teams backing them.

Water & Wastewater

Godwin and Flygt pumps, either purchased or rented, combined with a global service and support network from Xylem, help you to focus on what you do best…treating water and wastewater.